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I took my sweet time drafting this next post.  First, my mind whirred with what to write next (as this is the second post I've ever done for this blog).  I felt like I did everything but write.

Aside from organizing inventory and making this website function, I read many books (including Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon - definitely will be doing a blog post on that book), skimming through endless Facebook posts (masks or no masks...) thumbing through food Instagram posts (where to eat during Covid - or more like where to get takeout), even listening to podcasts (Robinhood Snacks has been my jam - can't believe Tesla overtook Toyota with their value in the market right now).  I felt out of shape, so I decided to do Hip Hop Abs by Shaun T.. cheesy, yet ridiculously fun.  I learned fun recipes (my gin martini - stirred, not shaken, is bangin, not to mention my keto-friendly margaritas).


(Mona Lisa is stocked - photo credit Yaroslav Danylchenko)

Gin Martinis are my favorite - photo credit Paula Hayes @phayes007

(Photo credit: Paula Hayes)


Point in all this?  It's okay to procrastinate on your current project as long as you find yourself actively doing other things.  In fact, your other activities just might encourage or inspire you to do the thing you were originally wanting to do in the first place.

When it comes to style and art, if you can't seem to find that inspiration, just go out and do something.  Most likely you'll have fun doing that something and learn something along the way.  And don't be too hard on yourself.  That perfectionism just leads you to procrastinate further.  Take it from me... my procrastination took me ten years before starting Anana Beauty.  (Well, I did have a salon for a decade or so while honing my nail craft).  

Till the next post (after I learn how to do water marble with nail lacquer).

Much love,


Amy Oung 


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    I absolutely love this because I am a professional procrastinator lol I love how you just made me feel ok about it too!! Congratulations on your dream coming true and your new journey 💖🙌🏾

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