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What is Anana Beauty?


So all of this started with pineapples.  Yes, the spiky, odd looking fruit that doesn’t resemble any apple in sight.  I was nearing the end of owning my nail salon (which thematically was centered around butterflies and Audrey Hepburn) and I went through my own metamorphosis.  It wasn’t that I had an affinity to pineapples through food (it’s not necessarily my favorite fruit – ripe cherries are truly my weakness). It’s more that the pineapple evoked this emotion within me.  Pineapples welcomed me and made me feel unique.  The fruit is different with it’s diamond pattern, spiky nature, natural golden ombre, leafy crown – it’s definitely special!

It’s not silly like a banana.  You throw the word banana randomly in a sentence and it will make you smile/laugh.  Or apples make you think of knowledge, intelligence, or even temptation.  Lemons make you think of cleanliness and sanitation.  The pineapple makes people think of tropical white sands, far away places, sunny weather, a nice getaway.  It’s not imposing and not snobbish.  There is a regality that comes with the fruit (imagine a fruity cocktail out of a pineapple or any fancy food item displayed in a hollowed-out pineapple).  It’s approachable, affordable, sophisticated when it needs to be.  I felt the multiple facets of the pineapple.

My curiosity piqued with the prickly fruit and so I decided to fire up my Google engine to find out more.  Loads of info on colonialism, trade, and commerce popped up but ultimately, the pineapple expressed welcome and hospitality.  It was the Hello Kitty of its heyday (for those that don’t know, Hello Kitty came about in Japan as a means to give a gift to a friend/loved one when you pay them a visit).  And those that know me know I LOVE Hello Kitty – it was inevitable that I would have an affinity to the exotic fruit.

How did all that translate to Anana Beauty?  First of all, most of the world call pineapple “anana” or some variant of that name.  The English/American always felt the need to be different and never conformed to anana (much like how we don’t use the metric system).  I felt unique enough, so I decided the next company I would own would have a fun, glamourous, carefree, regal identity and I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than Anana Beauty.

I welcome you to Anana Beauty.  Here is a nail haven full of fun tutorials and products that will help express your inner pineapple.  And if you’re a beauty professional, there is the pro side with colorful, helpful products to make it easier for you to extend your creativity and craft to your guests. 

anana with welcome text
If you’re reading this in July of 2020, please know Anana Beauty is sparse – but please stick around!  More content is in the works. It’s takes a team to grow this pineapple, and I cannot wait to see how it grows!


Much love,


Amy Oung

CEO and Founder of Anana Beauty

July 5, 2020


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    Congratulations Amy! Can’t wait for the tutorials! 🍍💛💅🏻

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